The search for a lot or property for your new home requires diligence and knowledge. Poteet Homes is here to make this process as effortless and rewarding as possible.


The first thing you need to consider is location. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you feel most comfortable living near a town, a metropolitan area or a secluded area? Think about your lifestyle and the everyday tasks you need to accomplish.
  • Are homes of comparable value to the home you want to build located in this area? Over-building or underbuilding can have implications for appraisals and property values.
  • Are you comfortable with the commute to work? Consider taking a test drive at the same time you travel to or from work.


Examine the property’s surface terrain. Hilly land may provide a beautiful setting, but it may be more expensive to build your home on a hill rather than on flatter ground.

Visit the property several times to ensure that the property is right for your family. Land that looks great in the summer may be undesirable in winter conditions.


Before you build, you must obtain an owner’s title insurance policy and a survey plat of the property.

An owner’s title insurance policy ensures that you gain clear title to the property. Without this insurance, you may purchase a property that carries ownership disputes or liens that you must pay. You will need to purchase the owner’s title insurance policy from a title company and sign an earnest money contract.

A survey plat is a drawing that reveals property details like the necessary ingress/egress and home placement information. Make sure to ask your surveyor to include flags on the property’s corners.

If you have not checked the flood plain zoning, ask your surveyor to provide a “flood stamp”. This stamp should designate that the property in question is either in “Zone X” or “Zone C”. If the stamp does not indicate this, investigate further into the property. A title company can order the survey for you or refer you to a surveyor.


Finally, make certain that the lot will accommodate the type, style and size of the home you desire.

Poteet Homes will be happy to work with you to ensure that the house you desire will work on the property you are considering or have already purchased.